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Jerks felt good today. I was able to pretty easily get 130 for two singles, which was the weight I failed at a few weeks back, even though I've done that weight before. I think failing at 135 just freaked me out. Muscle ups are getting easier again too, now that I've been doing them every week. I don't know if they really serve much purpose, but they're just fun to be able to do!

1)Clean and jerk: 95x3/115x2/125x1/130x1/130x1
2)Strict press: 85x4/80x6/75x6
3)Muscle ups: 5 singles
4)Weighted neutral grip pullups: 25x4/30x4/35x3/35x3/Wide grip: 0x6/6/4
5a)DB incline chest press: 40x8/45x8/45x7/40x8
5b)Hanging leg raise: 10/9/9/8

Glute circuit:
Seated abductions 2x30/band walks: 2x15
Back extensions 30x4x12
Pullaparts: 4x20

My knee is still bruised and a little swollen, but it didn't affect anything except glute ham raises. I just had to adjust my positioning a bit on those. This week I added 5 lbs to front squats for sets of 5, which felt pretty heavy. Deadlifts were 85% of my max for 4 sets of 3. I haven't gone that heavy in a while, so they were pretty heavy, but tolerable.

1)Squat jumps 3x5
2)Front squats: 135x5/140x2x5
3)Deadlifts: 85%(210) 4x3
4a)Glute ham raise: 0x10/10x3x8
4b)Seated abductions: 1x30/2x25
5a)Calf raise machine: 135x12/150x10/160x10/10
5b)Ab wheel rollouts on toes: 3x10
Bench hopovers: x26 steps
Band hip thrusts: 30 reps

Bench felt pretty good, although I didn't get any rep PRs or anything, but that's not going to be frequent thing for me at this point, so I'm cool with it. I do feel stronger on them, so I'm happy with where I'm at. I never thought I'd be benching 125 on my own without a spot!

1)Bench press: 115x4/125x3/120x4/120x4/115x4
2a)Chest supported dumbbell row: 35x10/40x10/45x2x8
2b)Seated overhead db press: 35x8/35x8/standing-30x8
3a)Ring inverted row(pronated): 3x12
3b)Ring Lsit: 4x15 seconds
4)TRX bicep curls: 2x15
Overhead carry 45 lbs x 3x 30-35 seconds + Handstand practice

Sometimes I don't know how I get through leg day, but I do, every week. Some days are harder than others, and today was pretty hard. Mostly because I decided to go heavy on hip thrusts and squats since it's been so long! By the time I got to split squats, they were hard. But then again, they're never easy! And for some reason the clams supersetted with leg curls made my hamstrings buuuurn so bad!

1)Hip thrusts: 135x10/185x8/205x6/235x5/255x5/275x5/235x10
2)Squats: 135x8/155x6/175x6/155x10/155x10
3)Good mornings: 95x8/110x8/110x8
4)Bulgarian split squats: 35x2x10/Walking lunges: 30x10
5a)Leg curls: 15/13/12
5b)Band clams: 2x20
6)Cable Abductions: 15/12
7)Seated calf raises: 20/17/15/15
Deadmill sprints-5 sets of 15 seconds on an incline

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  1. Love it when you post your workouts Lindsay :) - so thank you!

    Do you think it is possible to squat efficiently without a power rack? I've got an olympic bar and weights, but no power rack.

    1. It gets hard when you start being able to really squat some heavy weight. You could try front squats, as long as you can clean the weight up, or if you can get the bar up, just do high rep squats. At some point though, you'll need a rack. Until then, you can just do squat variations with the barbell, such as Bulgarian split squats, regular split squats, and reverse lunges.

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