Looks Can be Deceiving

This is something that has been bothering me lately, so I thought I'd write a blog about it.

So my partner who I did the competition with struggles with her weight. She exercises consistently and eats healthy but just has a hard time losing weight. She's been doing CrossFit for a few years now, and she is SUPER fit and SUPER strong. She is in way better shape than me cardiovascular and endurance wise, and she deadlifts over 300 pounds and squats over 200! However, from what she's told me, people often look at her and judge her based on her appearance, assuming that she isn't in good shape or that she isn't strong. When that is SO not the case.

On the other hand, whenever I would talk about how scared I was for this competition and how much I sucked at CrossFit, people were saying, "Oh, you're going to kill it, you're so fit, yadda, yadda, yadda." Basically just assuming that I'm in good cardio shape just because I look "fit". Most people would look at the two of us, and automatically assume I was the one in better shape...when honestly, she could KILL me in a WOD. And I'm not just saying that-it's the truth.

You cannot look at someone and know what kind of shape they are in cardiovascularly.  Just because someone is lean and muscular doesn't mean they are "fit". It also doesn't always mean they are healthy.  In the same way, you can't look at someone who is a little overweight and assume that they aren't in shape or that they aren't healthy.

Being super shredded with 6 packs abs is often seen as the "epitome" of health in the fitness industry...and it shouldn't be. We idolize people on a competition stage because of their shredded bodies, not realizing that they(most of the time) are in their most depleted state at that point. Who knows what they did to get there? I can tell you one thing, it's not always healthy. Being that lean for very long isn't healthy either, which is why they don't stay stage lean year round. Doing so would put them at risk for a lot of health issues.

Here's the thing: being overweight and eating crappy food all the time isn't healthy-that's common sense. But being 10% body fat and restricting food groups and/or not eating enough isn't always healthy either. Looks can be deceiving. 

For example, say you have two people-one is a little overweight but exercises and eats right consistently, while the other is skinny but eats crappy and doesn't exercise at all.  Who is healthier? Many people would say the skinny one just based on looks alone, but that's obviously not the case. 

Skinny does not equal healthy. 

Super lean does not necessarily equal healthy either. 

Health is not a size or a look.


  1. Amen sister!!!!!
    I will be the first to admit that the last week or 2 before a bodybuilding/ figure event is the least healthiest thing in the world!! Carb depletion, water manipulation, overtraining and under eating.....sure I was super lean and shredded but that last week before a show I felt like death. Even 10lb Dumbbells felt they weighed 100! Strength went out the window until the night before/ day of a show when carbing up was mandatory. While I stay pretty lean in the off season I do NOT stay in show shape 24/7!!!
    I think there is a HUGE misconception in the fitness industry. Lean and shredded does not mean healthy. Just as more body fat doesn't mean UNhealthy. Even in the running world looks can be deceiving. There are some girls who don't have the typical runners build but are way faster than what they look and vise Versa. I've learned to NEVER judge an athlete by thier cover because fitness comes in all shapes and sizes!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh and your friend you did the cross fit comp with is a complete bad a$$ btw! She's awesome!!!!


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