My First CrossFit Competition

I can't believe I seriously did a CrossFit competition after not having done CrossFit in like 3 years. Not only did I survive, but I surprised myself at how well I did. Going into this, I seriously was expecting last place. The fact that we were in the top 10 blows my mind! Actually, 6th place to be exact. ;)

Going into the competition, I was really nervous and NOT looking forward to it at all. I just wanted to get it over with, say I did it, and be done with it. I know it was just a scaled WOD, but I still didn't want to absolutely SUCK! I feel like there was a huge expectation of me from the people at my gym since I look "fit" I really didn't want my "out of shapeness" to show too bad! Ha! 

I was really worried about my breathing and my body just giving out on me, but my adrenaline kicked in and I just totally zoned out during the WODs. I was able to go fast on everything and not have to stop and rest more than the rest I was able to get while my partner was working.  The WODs still kicked my butt because I gave it my ALL, but I was able to recover fast and really felt good going into each WOD! Since we placed well, we went in the later heats for the last two WODs, which was nice because we got to rest longer. :)

So here is me with my awesome partner, Denise before the competition started. She kills it at CrossFit and is SUPER strong. I mean, she deadlifts 315! She's the one who asked(no, more like begged) me to do this with her.
So here were the workouts for the competition:

WOD 1-
Partner A has 4 minutes to establish a max weight of:
power snatch + hang squat snatch
Partner B has 4 minutes to establish a max weight of:
power clean + hang squat clean + jerk 
Then right into:
4-minute AMRAP of:
 35# kettlebell swings, with 8 burpees over partner at the top of each minute. 
Partners alternate movements, such that Partner A does burpees at the top of minutes 1 & 3 and swings the kettlebell during minutes 2 & 4; Partner B does burpees at the top of minutes 2 & 4 and swings the kettlebell during minutes 1 & 3. Total reps of KBS is your score.

I was partner B, so I was doing the clean and jerk. I was really nervous about working up to a max weight in 4 minutes. I knew what weight I could do in the gym, but that is with like 2 minutes rest between sets! So going into it, I would've been happy if I got 125. But I warmed up and worked up to 115, which felt really easy, so I decided to start with that. That felt good, so then I went to 125 and then 135. On the second clean with 135, the barbell flew out of my hands, which has never happened to me! So I had to start over from the floor.
After that, I had some time to rest before attempting 140, which would be a PR for me. So this time, on the second clean, I fell backwards in the squat! Sooo I had to start over again with the power clean. I don't know how I did it after failing twice, but I managed to get the 140, which was a pretty awesome feeling!! 
I'm not sure what our score was for the burpee/swing WOD, but I think I got 19 swings each time. The swings and burpees were pretty killer, but thank goodness we only had to do 2 rounds. I think we placed 6th on that WOD.
Next up, we decided to go ahead and get the "floater WOD" over with, which was max tire flips in 60 seconds (alternating w/partner). We had not practiced this at all, but we ended up with 17 reps. It wasn't hard at all. 
Then it was time for the second WOD!

WOD 2-
5 shoulder-to-overhead 65#
10 deadlifts 65#
15 box step-overs 20"
AMRAP 8 minutes
Partners alternate movements
Total reps is your score
This one wasn't too bad being with able to rest after each movement, but man, those stepovers will gas you! I was going so fast on those, and they kicked my butt! Which is why I looked like this afterward: 

We ended up with 301 reps and placed 5th for that WOD. 
WOD 3-
50 deadlifts 105#
60 lateral bar hops
70 thrusters 55#
80 AbMat sit-ups
90 jumping pull-ups
100 wallballs 10#
Partners will do equal reps at each movement. One partner works at a time.
This WOD scared me because of the higher reps and because I absolutely despise thrusters!! Surprisingly though they were much easier than the first two times I practiced this WOD. Still not fun at all, but not horrible. Everything else was pretty easy for me. We got 4th place in that one! I think our time was 12 minutes and something, but not sure exactly.

We were so surprised that we got 6th place overall. I'm so proud of us! :)
We didn't get out of there until after 10 pm, but we stopped at Qdoba on the way home to refuel with a big bowl of rice, beans, and chicken! It was extra good after putting my body through all that! I didn't realize I was even that hungry.

As far as what I ate before and during the competition, I had my regular breakfast, lunch, and snack, all of which included carbs, as always! I had a scoop of Anarchy pre-workout right before the first WOD. Then I just snacked on grapes and sipped on BCAAs between WODs. After the second WOD when we had a long break before the next one, I had a protein shake and banana. Then a couple hours later, the meal from Qdoba. I felt very energized throughout the whole competition, so I felt adequately fueled.

Saturday I skipped my regular gym workout because I didn't fall asleep until around 2 in the morning. I was just so hyped up, I couldn't fall asleep! So Saturday was just a really lazy day. It wasn't even sore muscles, I just felt super tired and had a headache all day. I wasn't sore from anything except for my clean and jerks in my traps and triceps. By Sunday I was fully recovered and felt good enough to get in my glute/hamstring workout.

I love this pic that my husband snapped. Pretty much sums it up. If you stick to what you're good at all the time, you'll never truly get stronger.

I really did have a lot of fun, but I'm still NOT going back to being a CrossFitter or doing another competion anytime soon. BUT I can definitely see myself doing another partner competition at some point! It's fun to compete and to get yourself outside of your comfort zone every now and then. You just may surprise yourself by what you can do!


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