Happy Monday! It's time for my July "currently" post! 

I'm currently...

Cold Stone Creamery's new peanut butter cookie batter ice cream. It is SO freaking good. Yes, I ate every single bite of this.

I just recently discovered that I actually kind of *like* roasted cauliflower! I have tried roasted broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, squash-hate them ALL. So trying cauliflower this was my last attempt, and I'm glad I tried it!
And I have a new favorite cereal-Froot Loops with marshmallows! They are soooo delicious with MuscleTech's vanilla ice cream protein as the "milk". 

I've always been a fan of Chip Ingram, so I picked up this one at the library the other day, and so far I'm really liking it.

I also just finished this book, and it was really good! So far I've read 22 books this year. :)

Excited About:
Going to New York this week and seeing these two little cuties! :) It's gonna be so much fun. It'll also be nice to have a break from this crazy Kentucky humidity!
I'm all about people out there who spread the message of HEALTH over aesthetics; people who promote balance and self love and body positivity. Here are a couple of those people on YouTube who are spreading that message:

Listening to:
My current favorite song right now is "Eye Of The Storm" by Ryan Stevenson.

"In the eye of the storm, You remain in control

In the middle of the war, You guard my soul

You alone are the anchor, when my sails are torn

Your love surrounds me, in the eye of the storm"

Thinking about:
How much I love being an aunt! :) I got to see Celeste three times this past week! My sister's boyfriend had to work on one of our cars and so Mindy came over with him and brought Celeste. We had so much fun walking in the creek and playing Hide and Seek. We are going to have a sleepover soon, and I'm so excited!

Have a great week!


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