Goodbye Summer & Workouts

Happy Monday!

We didn't do anything exciting this weekend. It was super hot, and our pool is closed, so we basically stayed inside all weekend, besides the gym and church.

I'm trying to transition into Fall mode, because it's really an awesome season, but with it being 90 here all week, it still seems like Summer to me! It's hard for me to fully embrace Fall, knowing this is right around the corner...gross.
I know you love my nose warmer.
Buuut, ya just gotta live in the moment and enjoy it! Next week we're supposed to be getting some cooler, more Fall-like days, which I'm actually pretty excited about. So, although it's bittersweet, I'm saying goodbye long days, pool floating, flip flop wearing, ice cream eating, and Jeep riding...and hello to cooler days, pumpkin everything, football watching, candy apples, chili, and beautiful colored trees! 

Gonna get me some pumpkins this week for decorating, some pumpkin spice candles, make some chili, open up all the windows in the house, and fully embrace the season. :) And there is Christmas to look forward to!!!!!!

Now on to the workouts! I started Brandon Lilly's leg program this week, and all I can say is I almost died on the first leg day.

The 3x10 squats were freaking hard for me(can you say cardio?), and I actually forgot about the 60 second rest...Oops. Definitely rested longer than that! The 30 short stride walking lunges after that demolished my quads....and then having to leg press after that? Um yeah...not fun. I am definitely NOT good at this high rep stuff , but I'm gonna stop being a crybaby and stick with it for the sake of the GAINZZZ(I hope!).

Deadlift day wasn't near as bad, thank goodness. Although I really felt the booty burn with the wider stance high rep sumos! Upper body days right now are just totally random, with no rhyme or reason to what I'm doing. At some point I want to focus on a bench program, but for now, I'm just wingin' it!

1)Power cleans: 115x3x3
2a)OH press: 75x5/80x4/4/75x6/6
2b)Pendlay row: 105x4x6
3a)Ring pushups: 3x12
3b)Ring face pull: 3x15
4a)Farmer's walks w/trap bar: 4x40 ish seconds
4b)Single leg /double leg banded hip thrust(alternated each set, so 2 sets each)
4c)Band walks: 4x15
5)Reverse decline bench crunches: 15/12/10/10

1)Squat: 160x3x10
2)Deficit speed deadlifts: 60%- 155x12x1 w/ 20-30 second rest
3)Short stride walking lunges: 3x15/leg
4)Wide stance leg press: 4x15
5)Seated leg curl: x100
6a)Calf raise: 4x12
6b)Seated abductions: 3x30
7)Feet elevated band glute bridge: 2x25

This is how Brandon says to progress with the workouts on the main lifts:
"The first week of an exercise, begin by handling weights that you know you can move well. Begin at the upper end of the allowable rep range and add weight accordingly each week. The next week, increase the number of reps from the week before but steer clear of failure. Repeat for the next week: keep the weight the same and shoot for more reps from the week before without hitting failure. For the fourth week, keep the weight the same and try to beat the numbers from the week before,  but the difference on this week is you can go to all out failure."

So next week I plan on increasing weight and working towards getting to 10 reps each week.

VaporX5 helping me get through those cardio squats!

1)Pullups: 45 reps (wide, neutral grip)
2)Bench press: worked up to 115x2x4/105x9
3a)Cable row: 4x10
3b)DB push press: 40x3x6
4a)DB lateral raise: 3x12
4b)EZ bar bicep curl: 9/8/12 (dropped the weight last set)
5 minutes of jump roping

1)Broad jumps 3x3
2)Deadlifts-heavy triple: worked up to 225
3)Wide stance deadlift @60% : 155x2x8
4)RDL: 135x3x12
5)Narrow stance leg press: 5x10
6)Glute ham raises: rest pause to 50 reps
7)Band clams: 2x20
8)Back extensions: 2x20
Finished with 20 seconds of bike sprints and L-sit hanging leg raises

I loved this video Jordan Syatt posted on Facebook. Really good truths in here. Definitely check it out!


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