Road Trip!

This past weekend, the hubby and I went on a little road trip for a wedding of a friend of his in Tennessee. The wedding was about 5 hours away, so we decided we'd make it a weekend trip and make a stop in Corbin, Kentucky to go see Cumberland Falls, since I've been wanting to go there for a while. 

I am always up for a road trip, so I was super excited. It ended up being an awesome weekend for a trip! Warm weather, sunshine, and no rain. Absolutely perfect. 

The drive to Corbin was about 2 and a half hours, and the plan was to get there and do some hiking at Cumberland Falls, stay at a hotel for the night, and then drive the last half of the trip the next morning to Cleveland, Tennessee. 

Like I said, it was an absolutely gorgeous day to explore the falls. It was so beautiful there.

There was a trail that took you to a really cool spot where you could climb up on all these big rocks to see an awesome view of the falls. I had so much fun climbing the rocks! I was so in my element.

Of course, we had to stop and take some flexing pics along the way.

We got a later start leaving from our house Saturday morning than we were wanting to, but I really wanted to go on the Eagle Falls Trail that I had read about. We didn't start the trail until about 6:30, and I was worried about it getting dark, but I thought we'd be able to make it back before then.

Wellll....turns out I was wrong. The trail took us longer than we expected, and it was pretty strenuous. Lots of uphill and stairs, but it was fun. Well, at least the first half was fun.We finally made it to the Falls before dark, but the way back was a different story. 

On the way back, it started getting darker and darker, and it was getting really hard to see where the trail was. At one point, we veered off trail without realizing it and then couldn't find the way we were supposed to be going. 

At that point, I started getting a little hysterical. Luckily, Matt brought his phone and used his flashlight app and we were able to get back on track. It was still really hard to see the trail though, and then we were worried that his battery was going to die and we'd be stuck in the middle of the woods not able to find our way out. I was definitely freaking out inside imagining us having to stay the night in the woods, or getting attacked by a wild animal and ending up on one of those Dateline shows. So I just started praying, and thank God, we were able to stay on the trail and make it back. 

It was after 8:00 at that point, and we felt like we had been hiking for hours on what was supposed to just be a mile and a half trail. We were also starving, so we stopped at Applebee's to pig out before heading to the hotel. Needless to say, we slept very good that night!

The next morning, we ate the hotel breakfast, then headed out to Tennessee for the wedding. It was another perfect day, and we found a nice little spot about halfway through our drive to stop for a picnic lunch. I had packed some turkey sandwiches, yogurts, apples and pumpkin muffins for the drive, and protein bars for snacks along the way as well.

We changed into our wedding clothes at the gas station, so that was fun! Ha.The wedding was beautiful, but we didn't stay long since we had such a long drive home. 

This month is our 13 year dating anniversary. I've enjoyed 13 years of fun adventures with this man, and I look forward to many more. :)


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