November "Currently"

This is what I'm currently....



I've been loving our Friday taco nights. We still do burgers sometimes, but we have just been in the mood for something different lately. We use Old El Paso shells, lean ground beef, low sodium taco seasoning, and salsa. Always with a bunch of veggies on the side. So yummy! 


Book #36 for the year! This was pretty good.


I've partnered with PrayFit to help raise money for special needs children and those without access to clean water. I'm dedicating my workouts to the cause, and I would sooo appreciate it if you would consider making a donation or joining my team to help fundraise! 


Booties! Is that even what they're called? Ankle boots? Who knows. Anyway, I'm not trendy whatsoever, but I think these are really cute!


when I see photos like this on my Facebook newfeed! I mean, cuteness overload.

Thinking :

About how I'm going to get ALL my Christmas shopping done by the end of November! I'm definitely NOT one of those last minute people, as I try to avoid the stores at all costs in December. I got started this week and just have a few more things to get ....and then I'm DONE! 


This scripture-

Looking forward to:

Thanksgiving and putting up my Christmas tree next week! I can't wait for all the yummy food and then Christmas lights and Christmas music and time with family...I love the holidays! And yes, I'm putting up my tree BEFORE Thanksgiving, so suck it all you haterssss!!!!!


This song! Gets stuck in my head, but that's a good thing. Praisin' God all day long!

Excited about...

My new camera! My in-laws got this for me as a Christmas gift, because they know how much I love my photos. I've always wanted a really nice camera, but learning to use it is a bit overwhelming. I mean, yeah, I could just set it on auto, but I want to learn how to take better photos and use the different settings on it. Guess it'll just take a lot of practice!


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