Workouts of the Week

Hope y'all are all having a great weekend! Ours has been kind of rough. We ended up taking Asher to the animal hospital last night because he was acting strange-not wanting to lay down, yelping if he tried to, and just not acting himself at all. We waited a couple of hours, but then figured it was better to be safe than sorry. 

They did an X-ray and blood work on him and were mostly worried about stomach bloat. But his stomach was fine, and they didn't didn't find anything except that he has an ear infection and really bad bone spurs all along his spine, which is probably causing him pain. So they gave him some pain meds and medicine for his ear infection. 

This morning he was acting about the same-not able to lay down-but now he seems to be better after we gave him the pain meds. He's actually sleeping on the couch right now, which he wasn't able to do previously, so at least that's an improvement. It's just so hard knowing your baby is in pain and not knowing how to help him. I hate it! 

I just went down and snapped this picture! His happy face is back, so he must be feeling better!

Anyways, here are the workouts from this week:

1)Plyo pushups: 3x5
2a)Bench press: 105x5/115x5/105x6/6
2a)Fat grip overhand pullups: 15x5/20x3x4/Chinups x10
3a)Floor press: 95x4x7
3b)Ring inverted row w/feet up 3x10
4a)Ab wheel rollout negatives: 9/9/8/8
4b)Kettlebell swings: 60x4x12
5)Glute kickbacks on reverse hyper: 12/15/15

1)Squats: 185x6/5/5
2)Block pull(sumo): worked up to 250x2
3)Single leg RDL: 60x3x10
4)Sissy squats: 16x2x20
5)GHR: 2x15/lying leg curl 2x15
6a)Calf raise: 4x10
6b)Single leg hip thrust 1x10/glute bridge 2x15
7a)Farmer's walks: 70x3x30 seconds
7b)Band walks: 3x15

FRIDAY UPPER BODY(at home workout)
1a)Chinups: 3x10
1b)Handstand pushups: 7/6/5/5/5
2a)1 arm pronated row: 4x12
2b)Pushups on dumbbells: 4x10
3a)Pull-aparts: 3x12
3b)Alternating hammer curl: 3x10/arm
4)Lateral raise: rest pause to 40 reps

1)Broad jumps 3x3
2)Deficit deadlifts: 185x5/205x5/210x5/205x5/185x5

3)Leg press: 290x3x12 (narrow stance)
4)Pause squats: 135x3x6
5)Glute ham raise: 4x15
5b)Stir the pot: 3x30 seconds
6)Walking DB lunge: 25x3x12
7)Band hip thrust upper elevated x20/feet elevated x20/glute bridge(on floor) x20

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