Treatment Has Begun

It's been one week since Matt began his chemotherapy treatment. We made the decision to forego radiation at this point, as it seems it would just be too risky. He is taking Temodar, which is an oral chemotherapy medication and the same one he used 10 years ago. He will start with 6 weeks straight of daily chemo, and then it will go to a monthly cycle of 5 days on, 23 days off.

He has been doing well so far this first week. Along with chemo, we've also started him on a low carb, high fat diet, cutting out most carbohydrates with the exception of leafy vegetables and some berries and carrots on workout days. So far, he has done well on the diet and is actually enjoying it. He loves meat, eggs, nuts, peanut butter, and vegetables, so at least he's not miserable!

I have been making him "treats" every now and then to give him something to look forward to, like these peanut butter "fat bombs":

I'm looking for a couple of weekend "treat" meals I can make that are low carb. He's most bummed about not getting to eat pizza, so I definitely gotta try and find a good keto approved pizza recipe!

He's staying active as always-walking usually daily or every other day, as well as lifting 3 times a week. The doctor said he could now slowly increase his weights, so we've been using the 20 pound dumbbell to ease back into things! I'm sure he's never been happier to lift 20 pounds!
He is not back to work full time, but he has been going in every now and then and he just went back to coaching wrestling on the weekends. It helps him to have something to do instead of just sit around the house. I know he really enjoys working with his wrestling guys, so I'm glad he's able to do that, and I hope he will continue to feel well enough to do so!

Along with chemo and the keto diet, we are also researching other alternative therapies, such as oils and things like that. We are also still considering Optune, but we're just waiting to figure out the financial logistics and everything with that.

Thank you all again for your continued support and prayers!


  1. Glad to hear the first week is going well! Continuing prayers for y'all!!


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