To The Self Love & Body Acceptance Haters

I think there are some people who are confused about what the "self love" and body acceptance movement is about.
Self love and body acceptance ISN’T at ALL about excusing unhealthy actions or behaviors. It's not about justifying not being healthy or taking care of your body.
What it IS is knowing that health is about MORE than just the physical stuff-building muscle, losing fat, getting stronger and fitter,etc. It's about mental health as well.
It's about not spending your life hating your body and chasing perfection or trying to fit a certain image...and exhausting yourself mentally in the process.
It's knowing when enough is enough and when it’s time to stop the striving and the self hate that’s getting you nowhere.
It's loving yourself enough to want treat your body right through exercise and good nutrition in a healthy and balanced way, NOT just to fit society's standards or to have the perfect body so that you'll finally be "happy".
Because guess what? Often times even after you achieve that “perfect”'ll still be unhappy. Because it'll never be enough. You’ll still find something to be unsatisfied with. You'll never be lean enough or big enough or curvy enough or “whatever” enough.
Self love and body acceptance is about loving yourself WHILE focusing on improving and being the best you can be....not only physically but mentally as well. Because if you’re super healthy and eat all the “right” foods for your health but you’re miserable on the inside…then what’s the point?
If you’re super healthy and look amazing on the outside but your life and mind is consumed by your diet and exercise and hating your body to the point where you can't relax and enjoy life…then again, what’s the point?
I've said it once, I'll say it again. Health is not a size or a weight or a look.
And not everyone even wants to have or is able to have ripped abs or bulging biceps. Not everyone wants to be a size 2. That doesn’t mean someone is lazy or undisplicined or not healthy just because they're okay with having a little more bodyfat. It's also fine to want to improve your health and body composition...the difference is doing it from a place of love, not a place of hate!


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