Thursday Thoughts....

I was just thinking the other day about how long it's been since I've eaten broccoli...and it's been  awesome! I used to basically force myself to eat it almost every single night since I thought having carbs at dinner was so "bad". Oh, silly me....

So now I've been having rice and potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner almost every night!  I have really been slacking on the green/cruciferous veggies....But  I constantly feel full eating all this food, so the last thing I want is veggies! Occasionally I'll have a salad or green beans and maybe some spinach in my smoothies here and there, but that's about it. Guess it's better than nothing, right?

So... I changed up my leg workout this week, and boy am I sore today! Love it. I did some light(but what felt heavy since I did them after glute hams, lunges and hip thrusts!) squats for the first time in a few weeks, so that may have been what got me so sore. I also increased my weight on hip thrusts to 135lbs this week since I've been using the same weight(115) for a while now. Figured it's time to go heavier!

I'm really missing deadlifts and can't wait to start working on them again-as soon as this stupid hip thing goes away. I do think it's getting better, though. My goal right now is hypertrophy(when isn't that my goal??), so my volume had been high lately...not my favorite way to train, but I'll be back to the heavy stuff soon enough! It's good to switch things up every now and then. But I'm beginning to realize that I'm a powerlifter at heart! I was thinking the other day about how fun it would be to do a powerlifting meet- I just don't know how to go about training for it and finding a coach.  But I could definitely see myself doing something like that some day! I think it'd be fun!

Well, anyway, my weight has pretty much been the same for the last few months, so who knows if I'm building any muscle...I mean, I know my glutes have grown, at least! :) Now for my legs to just catch up with my upper body! Darn legs.

In other news, my sister should be having her baby in just a week! I know she is ready, but also starting to get a little scared. I am just so freakin' excited and can't wait to finally see little Celeste. Watching Mindy go through the labor may just be the deciding factor about me ever wanting to have a kid some day!


  1. Yeaaaaah do powerlifting! Training for a competition is so much fun :D

  2. If you're looking for a powerlifting coach - check out Andy Baker @ Kingwood Strength and Conditioning ( I had him do my programming prior to my last meet and I managed to pull 300# after being stuck at 275# for AGES. He's awesome!

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely check him out!


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