Transformation Tuesday

I've been reading through some old blog posts and deleting some that are just like 2 sentences long, because really...why? lol. But man, have I made a transformation in the last 5 years! And no, I'm NOT talking about a physical transformation.

I once had SO much anxiety and obsession over food it was crazy. I was afraid to eat certain foods, and I was so confused by all the information out there(and who could blame me?!). I just didn't know what was "right" or "wrong", what I should or shouldn't eat. I was so fearful of certain foods being "bad" for me, and I restricted carbs for a while because I thought they weren't healthy.

When I read some of the stuff I wrote back then, it's like some of the stuff I read on social media and just roll my eyes now. But I mean, that was me a few years ago. I would have a "cheat meal" and then try to eat nothing but protein and veggies the next day, or even try to eat lower carb for the whole next week to make up for it. It was ridiculous.  Here's a blurb from a post I found:

"I limit my carbs to breakfast and before and after workouts. Now, carbs are what I crave more than anything, so this isn't the easiest thing for me to do at all. More than fried foods or salty foods or chocolate, I crave anything that is doughy or bread-ish! SO what keeps me on track is knowing that I can have a cheat meal on the weekend. This cheat meal is the ONE and only time during the week when I eat until I am completely stuffed. Many times, until I am very uncomfortably stuffed. I pig out."

It's funny that now that I eat LOTS of carbs ANY time of the day, I don't have those cravings like I used to. Yes, I still like to have one free meal/treat meal each where I can just eat whatever I want --BUT it's no longer what gets me through the week like it used to be. And that's mostly because I don't feel restricted anymore! My meals are all delicious and satisfying-I'm talking toast, cereal, waffles, cheeseburgers, pancakes, and rice(to name a few!) on a regular basis. AND now if I really want some ice cream or a donut, I don't consider it a "cheat", and I can have it at any time. 

My mindset has drastically changed, and I'm SO thankful for that! I just know that there are so many people out there going through exactly what I did, and that's why I try to share what I went through and learned in the process, so that they can have the freedom that I have now. The freedom from being a slave to food; the freedom from fearing certain foods; freedom from following certain food "rules"; freedom from choking down foods you hate just because they're good for you.

I'm happy to say that for the most part I don't stress about my eating anymore NEAR as much as I used to. I enjoy the foods I eat, I don't fear foods, and I don't restrict any food groups. It really has been a huge change in my mindset. I don't feel guilt over eating certain foods anymore, and I now know that there is no one food or food group that will make you fat. ANY food can be included in a healthy diet plan if you watch portions and stay within your calorie goal.  

I also stopped following a lot of blogs and people who try to "scare" people away from certain foods, and I began following people who promote a balanced approach with NO off limits food. Nia Shanks and JC Deen were the first people who opened my eyes to the "danger" of obsessive clean eating. 

Yes, of course, I still eat healthy, which for me means lots of lean protein, trying to get in some veggies and fruits daily, and not eating a ton of overly processed foods. I like eating healthy and giving my body the nutrients it needs, but the thing is I don't stress about it the way that I used to.  And that makes all the difference! Thoughts of food should not consume our lives. Being healthy is not just about the physical-it's about our mental health as well, and stress and anxiety over food IS NOT healthy, no matter HOW AMAZING you look on the outside!


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